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U.S. Adults Suffer from Chronic Pain


Of Physician Office Visits Involve Drug Therapy (CDC)

People in the U.S. Experience Impairment Due to Anxiety Annually

Annual Cost for Treatments & Loss Due to Chronic Pain ($ USD)

Advanced Wellness Partners Has Solutions

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You can’t get any better than Advanced Wellness Partners. Elza has so many tools in her tool belt to assist with healing- whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. If you’re going to Advanced Wellness Partners, you’re in amazing hands. I would definitely recommend! Tiffany B., Wesminster, Colorado

If I could give this more than 5 stars, I would. Elza is probably the most intuitive and  naturally gifted healer I’ve ever met. She has helped me to find balance in my body and my spirit, to let go of toxic emotions from my past that were harming me, and has given me strength and guidance to heal and grow.  Every session with Elza is like an awakening.  My children now ask to go see her when they aren’t feeling well, and she is like our family doctor and counselor all rolled into one!!   Katie, Golden, Colorado 

“Elza’s is a gifted healer, visionary and communicator. Her BodyTalk sessions always bring on a major life shift. Her sensitivity and profound intuition have helped me and so many of my clients reach deeper and deeper levels of healing and wholeness.” Karen Atkins, WuDang Qi Gong Instructor, Certified Advanced BodyTalk Instructor, Entrpreuner, San Francisco, California 

Elza is an amazing healer! Body Talk has helped me with many things but especially for TTC, prenatal, labor and post partum. I highly recommend to anyone with these issues but also for any kind healing need. I always leave feeling lighter and connected. She does in-person and distant healing and the results are fantastic in either case! Elza~ you’re the best! Gretchen, Denver, Colorado

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Committed to Your Empowerment

At Advanced Wellness Partners, we are committed to sharing cutting-edge knowledge and lifestyle education that enables you to choose appropriate methods of healthcare for you and your family, while become an agent of change in your own unique healing process.

Latest From Our Blog

Emotions: Group Energy Healing

Emotions: Group Education & Emotional Healing Join together for this six week energy healing and education series designed to empower you to master your emotional healing. This series will teach about how to define and understand out emotions in a holistic nature and deepen our understanding of the qualities of emotions and their impact on our body. Learn about how emotions influence: Nervous system Tissues Organs and Muscles Perception Natural and pathological states of health Sign Up Now What can I expect for this series? Education  Each week you will have the opportunity to tune into a live online lecture on 5 basic emotions and their effects on the body, beliefs and health states. Theses weekly lectures will cover philosophical and biological understanding of emotional intelligence and how you can immediately apply the information to your life and your emotional health. Live lectures will be recorded and sent to you immediately for you access and later use, or if you can’t join us live. Embodiment Following the live lecture together as a group from the comfort of your own home or access point we will participate together in a emotional clearing and embodiment process. This process will set the container for a group healing using BodyTalk and Energy medicine to facilitate a unique healing tailored to the participants of the group. You will also be emailed a separate recording of this healing and embodiment process for later access or if you can not join us live. If you can not be live with us your intentions and energetic presence will be included in the balancing. Social Support Once registered... read more

Eclipse Season Energy Healing

Energy Healing from a whole health perspective Take advantage of the transformative eclipse season with energy healing in August 2017 and deepen your relationship to your cosmic blueprint with the assistance of the stars. With the rare astrological aspects in place this month we have deep access to the subconscious patterns that influence our health, happiness and success. Not only will we experience one lunar eclipse followed only weeks by a rare solar eclipse; 5 planets are also in retrograde Mercury as well as Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all are offering reevaluation to the core realms of their archetypal influence. The Lunar eclipse on the full moon August 7th offered us an opportunity to release and come face to face with ourselves by helping us to become conscious of old wounding a trauma from this lifetime and that which is passed though our habits, patterns and behaviors from generations before us. Anchoring in the lives we want to live in these powerful times with intentions and what we chose to do with our feelings and experiences around these days will have lasting effects on spirals of healing for years to come. Energy Healing helps us connect to our divine purpose and blueprint activating these spirals of growth. Energy Healing though the substance of “The Living Matrix” or the fabric of our bodies consciousness has rapid effects on mental, physical and emotional health imparting change all the way down to a cellular level!! Now is the time to access our powerful connection to the nature and universe that surrounds us and start living our purpose with ease and grace. August... read more

The Biology Of Belief

In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the release of the groundbreaking book The Biology Of Belief, Wellness Wednesdays Radio caught up with Dr. Bruce Lipton to discuss science, consciousness, and creating our reality. The Biology Of Belief set the framework for the last decade of scientific development in the filed of epigenetics and consciousness. Named one of the top thought leaders of our time Dr. Bruce Lipton has been pioneering new biology and research, Dr.  Liptons contributions to the current paradigm shift of bridging the gap between science and spirituality is detailed and illustrated in a simple straightforward manner in his teaching, lectures and writing. Learn how you create your reality Learn how cells are effected by your thoughts Learn what molecules of perception are and how they effect your health Explore the creation of a culture of... read more

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Whole healing that encompasses the whole person.

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