Healing Happens in the Story

Healing Happens in the Story

If you are looking for energy healing methods and healing touch to help the natural energy of your body to move beyond old traumas and belief this post is for you!

Energy Healing

Rewind your life all the way back to before your first breath, before your cells began to divide before your creation what would remain? Through the generations of our lineage and human experience the energy of our ancestors and earth consciousness flows through every cellular process of our biology. Forward thinkers attest that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transmuted, this suggest that we hold within us the make up of the entire history or creation. Famine, war, slavery, drought, religion, torture and plagues of disease all vibrate through our being as messengers of information. Directly our family passes us down traits gene by gene, but have you ever stopped to think you contain the messages of all of mankind’s experiences and creations?

Collective consciousness can be seen as the ebb and flow present energy surrounding our every breath, creation and movement. Imagine at conception a ladle is dipped into this sea of consciousness that will contain your genetic imprint of the whole, what ingredients were in your ladle? How many memories do you hold for humanity, what are your dynamic links to the past?

As you begin to uncover these ties the depth can sometimes feel endless; wether you are exploring hereditary traits of your family, culture or religion or delving into the great souls “Karma” much of our healing happens in unwinding these stories. Our genetics from a spiritual perspective are infused with these manifesting potentials, and from a physical perspective set the framework for our growth and developmental patterns. Although science believed many years back that our genes are fixed, we now know their functions can be modified! There are very fluid parts of our emotional, physical and mental patterns that can change immediately, and then there are deeper entrenched patterns such as downs syndrome or sever abnormalities.

From Cultural behaviors , hereditary illness, historical trauma, religions dogma or major disasters or wars all of this collective conscious information can effect your health today. Illness or disorders that seemingly come out of nowhere, irrational fears or memories that have nothing to do with your experience, strong blocks or bought of “bad luck,” and genetic inheritances all are examples of  these memories manifesting in your bodies health.

Energy healing offers us a unique and effective tool at unwinding theses memories to support growth and wellbeing. One of the first components of benefit is working though environmental and emotional coping stress that puts the body in “Fight Or Flight” and creates an internal framework for theses memories to express themselves as disease. Cell biologist Dr Bruce Lipton illustrates this concept in the quote “You can live a life of fear or live a life of love. You have the choice! But I can tell you that if you choose to see a world full of love, your body will respond by growing in health. If you choose to believe that you live in a dark world full of fear, your body’s health will be compromised as you physiologically close yourself down in a protection response.” Consciousness based Energy healing helps the body to stop responding to stress in a way that pushes us into fear and also address our belief systems that limit us from maintaining an outlook of love. 

Working recently with a client it came up in session that he was holding memories that were not his and were actually from a time-period of slavery in America where he was involved with a woman and was killed for the engagement.  Immediately with a gasped look on his face wondering how I had picked up on this memory the client told me that he had a strong re-occuing memory of this same instance, he continued on with many details of the experience. It came up to dissociate him from this memory and how it was deeply intrenched into his body and mind. We specifically worked to clear the memory from his neck, his throat chakra and a deep seeded belief system of the need to fight and be protected in his heart. A few months after the session I had a conversation with him and he brought up this balancing we had done in the session. He said to me how amazed he was that after our session he noticed that his neck was much more open and that in the past he was very sensitive in the area so much so that he wouldn’t even allow the water to touch his neck in the shower. He also mentioned that the memory was no longer “pulling” at him and that it seemed to no longer be creating struggle for him any more!

This type of energy healing is so exiting to me because of the amazing precision and potential for reframing our wellbeing based on the collective conscious we all up hold! Genetic reprogramming through thought and intention is an important discovery in how we understand the behavior of genetics and what kinds memories are actually turning on our genetic expressions. We have barley scratched the surface of this revolutionary body of knowledge and how humble I remain to observe the evolution of this work over the many years to come! And the great news is YOU can start Healing NOW.

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