Healthy Fats

Healthy Fats



There are so many oils and sources of fat to choose from, but, which one is right?  It is quite unfortunate in American Society they way “fat” has been turned into the enemy.  Naturally sourced, non toxic fats are not only healthy for the human but necessary for proper functioning of the  body and the brain. The role of fat in the nervous system is paramount, as it lubricates the nerve synapses so they are able to properly send nerve responses to the entire body. According to the JCI, Journal of Clinical Investigation, “fat absorption is required for the stimulatory effect on sympathetic activity.”  (See full article  here

Not only is proper fat necessary for our central nervous system to optimally function, it also lubricates the joints, for less pain, adds to the shine and sheen of the hair and skin, for a brighter reflection, and moistens the intestines, for smooth, easy and regular bowel movements.  But, what fats to use?  Many foods are good sources of natural non- processed fats, such as free-range, grass-fed meats, olives, avocados, nuts and seeds.  There are also many oils from which to choose.  When preparing food, it is necessary to choose the right oil. The temperature an oil burns at, or smokes at, is very important, as, when an oil begins to smoke, it becomes carcinogenic. Therefore, any oil you cook with, must be at least an oil described on the label as “medium to high heat.”  Grape Seed, Sesame, Safflower and Coconut oils are all great choices for roasting and pan searing. Contrary to popular belief, Olive Oil actually burns at a very low temperature, therefore cooking with it can be a hazard to health. In Italy, where olive oil originated, it is only used to drizzle onto meals after they have already been cooked, or used as a dressing for raw vegetables and greens, and it is most tasty that way!  Whatever your choice of fat, get enough of it, balanced with healthy fresh carbohydrates and proteins, and be shiny,  well- lubricated and quick-witted in your daily experience!



Recipe For Home-Made Salad Dressing:

⅓ Cup Apple Cider Vinegar or the juice of 2 fresh squeezed lemons

4Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3-5 Cloves of Garlic, minced

1 teaspoon Raw organic honey

Salt to taste

a dash of your choice of chile (optional)

Moving Through to Let Go

In America we have this strong indoctrination to be happy all the time. The mass media depicts times of sadness or anger as ‘bad’ or something to fix, mostly with pharmaceutical drugs or entertainment options that mask our own aggression or sorrow in lieu of some sports demigod or actor. But what about our own aggression and sorrow? How are those being honored? This is not to say it is OK to lash out at people or hurt others or oneself. This is to say, it is not only good, but necessary for optimal well-being, to have a safe way to express these feelings, and, moreover, give yourself the permission and compassion to do so.

A mindfulness teacher once told me it only takes about 1 minute for any emotion to actually move through the consciousness. This is not long! But we are so used to running away from our discomfort we rarely take the time to move through these emotions so that they can then leave our bodies. Instead, we harbor them, let them build up, and then they release later, in a rage of screaming or a flood of tears.  Once we take the time and space to, safely, honor our dark places, out of a deeper love and compassion for our own needs and our own releasing, we can move into gratitude and peace more fully and with more ease. Today’s Experience is a perfect venue for releasing frustration in the mind, body, spirit complex and can be viewed here

Growth Mind VS Fixed Mind

According to a theory by Carol S. Dweck, author and professor, there are two mindsets : Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset.   They are characterized exactly how they sound: people with a Fixed Mindset believe that whatever they do, they will always be the ‘same.’  They subscribe to concrete descriptors: “I am Smart. I am Funny. I am Healthy. I am Pretty. Etc.,”  And, because they have built a mindset and an allegiance around these states of being, anything that may jeopardize that,  like a grand challenge that seems too daunting, can always lead to failure. The fixed mindset sets up the grounds for failure: “If i don’t know the answer then I AM NOT Smart. If I don’t get compliments, than I AM NOT Pretty.” There is no place to grow, only space to not match up to the predefined characteristic, therefore, failure is inevitable.

Those with a Growth Mindset, no matter what they do, are always open to learn something new. Their thought process is one that is consistently questioning, always willing to try things for the sake of the process, the sake of the challenge. A Growth Mindset person sees all ‘failures’  as learning points, and thinks “what can I do better next time?” Thomas Edison, the man who invented the lightbulb, had a growth mindset. Before he discovered the correct filament that made the light shine, he tried nearly a thousand filaments that did not. These were not setbacks, but fodder for his further exploration. When he finally succeeded in his invention, a critic asked him, “how does it feel to have failed 1000 times?”  Thomas Edison responded, “I did not fail 1000 times, I discovered 1000 things that did not work.”  This is the Growth Mindset.  In her book, Ms. Dweck shows time and time again how the Growth Mindset leads to success, and the Fixed Mindset leads to failure.

What fixed beliefs or characteristics may be limiting your growth?   Give yourself the gift today of trying something new, without expectation, for the sake of the process, for the fun of it. Enjoy your learning  process.

Fresh Juice

Fresh Juice

We talked about the amazing benefits of starting your day with lemon water and its powerful cleansing benefits, today lets visit juice! Fresh juicing is a great way to help your body absorb nutrients of the fruits and vegetable you choose. Cooking effects the micro nutrients of any food on the other hand raw fresh vegetable juice packs a strong punch of dense nutrition. It is often recommended  you should get 6-8 servings of vegetables a day to fulfill the bodies needs for vitamins and minerals  incorporating a fresh veggie juice into your daily routine increases your intake of vital nutrients and almost guarantees you hit that target intake mark.

Dark leafy greens and lemons and limes are the go to foods for juicing in a cleansing diet and because of in juice form they are predigested and raw your body will absorb the nutrition in them to the fullest. It is certainly wonderful to juice fruit however the high fructose sugar content can spike blood sugars so if you have diabetes, are overweight or have high blood pressure you may want to stick to the veggies.

Not only will juicing allow you to increase your vegetable intake and get all the minerals and vitamins your body needs but will also help you widen the variety of veggies you take in. Here are a few of my favorite recipes below. to save on time you can do you juicing ahead or if you don’t have a juicer try blending the ingredients in water.


Metabolic boosting juice 





Ginger to taste

Juice all ingredients above and sprinkle with cayenne pepper  or cinnamon upon serving

Kale Juice 






 One bunch of fresh Kale




Morning Wake Up





Green tea

Purple Velvet 







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