Cellular Damage from GMO’s?

Cellular Damage from GMO’s?

With a lack of information available do you wonder what foods that are genetically modified may be doing to our bodies?


What does McDonald’s, the pharmaceutical industry, gylphosate, nutrasweet, DDT, Agent Orange, Coca Cola and designer drugs like Celabrex to name a few popular have in common?  Not only can they be associated with ill health effects, birth defects, reproductive harm and insanity, they are all owned by or in bed with the Monsanto company.


Studies have shown that rats and other lab animals have had adverse health effects from eating GMO’s including cancers, infertility and high levels of inflammation and toxicity….WE as CONSUMERS have been eating the same genetically modified organisms since the 1990’s and there is little to no research done on  human health and GMO’s. Recently congress passed a rider bill dubbed the “Monsanto Protection Act” allowing Monsanto to override scientific review or study by getting the green light to plant experimental GMO crops. This bill bars Federal courts from stopping the harvesting, planting, sale and consumption of these crops even if dangerous and adverse health and sold effects are discovered in the future. “No GMO” and anti Monsanto groups are popping up all over the world to demand more scientific testing, bans and an over all stop to this “experiment” that may be putting us all at more risk then we know.

The Monsanto empire touches so many layers and levels of our health and wellbeing, as the largest global agriculture and biotechnology who has occupied  the worlds agricultural business and food systems. This chemical company is responsible for introducing pathogens and diseases into our entire ecosystem through agricultural products and engineered seeds. There are documentable effects on animal and crop health that have popped up only after exposure to Monsanto’s  toxic products. Plant death and sudden death syndrome are some of the naming terms for large scale crop problems farmers are seeing and many scientists and veterinarians have documented sever spikes in infertility and reproductive health of animals. Scientist Dr. Don Huber plant pathologist and professor at Perdue University explains that a new organism has been unleashed by use of glyphosate herbicide on crops was discovered after noticeable infertility and spontaneous abortion was observed in livestock. The pathogen causing ill health effects in the animal was traced back to soy bean meal. The organism itself was discovered within the soil in areas of concentrated use of glyphosate (commercially sold as Round Up). What this herbicide is designed to do is “Suppress resistance and increase disease”  according to Dr. Huber, when an organism is killed off a void does not happen in the soil, rather it is replaced or out numbered by a different organism. Just as our bodies hold a fundamental flora of balance and harmony known as out body chemistry the soil has the same mechanism of homeostasis. The Round Up herbicide alters the soil balance into a somewhat state of flight or fight creating more susceptibility to disease and an increase in this deadly pathogen which is then  taken in by the plant and in turn fed to animals who began showing sever health problems and diminished reproductive ability.

Further observation of this pathogens reveal it is a tiny microscopic bug capable of reproduction “HitchHiker” bug that is compatible with many other organisms creating stronger reproduction and virulence, it has also contributed to documentable infections in cattle, pigs, poultry and horses and will kill a fertilized egg in 24- hours. Not only is this new organism strong enough to survive processing and intestinal flora of animals Monsanto’s chemicals and products are used in just about everything commercially available including corn which is in nearly EVERYTHING processed and all over grocery store shelves. It is the manufacturing of theses food types and damaging super bug organisms that are not only destroying peoples health but effecting the thriving ecosystem of balance and harmony we call life. More resources need to be put towards the exploration and implications of this system and its effects on our bodies, our earth and the sustainability of a balanced economy.  Please listen to more in this video clip of Dr. Huber on Food Democracy NOW, and learn just how the volatile this may be for the stability of our food system.


I first made sense of GMO’s in an Energy Medicine training course in 2005 at the beginning of my professional study as a practitioner to provide energy healing. We were learning a technique called “Cellular Repair” which works to help the body to disassociate from genetic information in the DNA/RNA coding that causes the body to create cells from a damaged or insufficient  blueprints that are passed through our hereditary lines or due to trauma, injury, vaccinations and dispositional traits. We know that our cells and DNA can be reprogrammed by intention, thought and emotion; so this powerful technique allows the body to updates its cellular plans to by helping the body to replace old cells with new healthy cells and replace old genetic patterns with new healthy genetic patterns.  As I was learning how to use this tool and it was coming up in practice in the course while working with another student;  I kept getting details on the cellular repair process that was associated with food and damage that had been done on a cellular level of the “clients” DNA from the food she was eating. Energetically it felt as if there was some sort of incomplete substance in her diet that was triggering her immune system to react to the part of the food body didn’t recognize.

So after sitting quietly listening to this story unfold in her body I decided to ask her “Is there any food allergies you have?” Immediately she told me she had recently been to see her Naturopathic Doctor and that she had tested her for a gluten intolerance that came back positive. She had been gluten free for the last 3 weeks and feeling much more energy and less pain after changing her diet. As she was telling me the story about her going gluten free, a strong recollection came over me of an article i had read a few weeks earlier about genetically engineered soy and its role in agricultures evolution. I remembered as I was reading the article that on an intuitive level it felt really strange to be altering the DNA of our food for production sake and made a mental note to listen for more information on this topic. As she was finishing her story on how she is missing toast it clicked…her body wanted to work out the cellular damage and reaction pattern done from eating commercially processed genetically engineered wheat. The environment of her body and her diet turned on this genetic pattern causing inflammation and allergenic response in her immune system and small intestine, and now that she took out the food in her diet causing the most harm her body had made it a priority to clear the old genetic pattern that was making her sick and reacting to everything she was eating.

After that initial AHHH HAAA moment in the session I did in class i began asking questions and doing my own research keeping up with information on this topic. I soon found out that not only was there not a lot of information available on the subject and what was available seemed incomplete. Over the years more attention has come to this subject and more people recently are demanding better information on the subject. As an energy healing practitioner I continued to encounter the bodies priorities to heal damage done by GMO food and how it dynamically effects the immune and reproductive systems of the body. Personally when I was receiving sessions for myself during my first pregnancy GMO foods effects on a cellular level repeatedly came up as a priority for healing me and the child I was carrying, I learned that unless I grew my own food and ate organic, free range, clean foods I would be coming in contact with theses incomplete foods and they could be effecting my developing child. I have see the GMO cellular damage priority working with women experiencing irregular periods, ovarian cysts, sever allergies, arthritis, inflammation and cancerous processes in the body, each individual session required unwinding and repairing this damage in the bodies own unique way however over the last 7 years I have seen these themes.


We are what we eat! “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” said by Hippocrates it is now scientifically proven that the RNA molecules of the food we eat are found in our intestines and become the backbone for the cellular systems of our bodies, our food is what fuels our healing and growth processes. Our cells need whole, nutrient dense real foods to be nourished and thrive, not toxic herbicides or foods with incomplete genetic chains and empty profiles. If you fuel you body with toxins and missing link “franken” foods your body will go into protection and armoring and if stuck in this phase begin to degrade and attack itself….you may be among the millions of sick, cancer ridden diseased bodies looking for some hope and healing from a system that is too proud to stop and think that it may be the cause of the disease in the first place.  Eat real food, awaken the healer within to repair the damage we all likely have faced from this industrial experiment; and remember your body can heal itself if you give it the right conditions!

Check out this GMO info graphic from Natures Path Organics and BE WELLNESS!


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