Simple morning cleansing

Simple morning cleansing



Morning Juicing Will Change Your Life

Not only is spring a great time for cleaning and clearing space to make room for the new it is a powerful time for cleansing the organs and internal body. One simple routine that I have added into my daily ritual is morning juicing or a blended green drink and a simple detox drink.

Thought the spring months starting the day with a simple vinegar detox drink and fresh juice before breakfast helps me to feel renewed and vital. Having affirmations as I am preparing my juice and drinking make the experience even m ore refreshing.

My favorite affirmation “I am vital and alive”  helps me to feel and visualize all the nutrients and cleansing properties of my drinks penetrate each of my cells.

Take 2 capfuls of organic Bragg Apple cider vinegar

  • 1 Tbs raw honey
  • 1 pinch cinnamon or cayenne
  • 4 oz hot water
  • 4 oz room temperature water
A story of Spring Cleaning & New Moon Seeds of Creativity

A story of Spring Cleaning & New Moon Seeds of Creativity

It is the age old time of renewal and rebirth and the time for spring cleaning of all sorts! Gardening has been a beautiful reflection of the symbiotic relationships between us and our environment, I often turn to my garden for guidance to remember what my body needs.  New buds of life are peeking through seeking the warmth and nourishment of the sun, vibrant colors of red and purple in the crocus and tulips boldly illustrate the landscape around my home just like the bold new ideas and creative projects beginning to take shape in my world. As I was clearing out the old dead leaves and matter left over from winter to make space for the new plants I felt a strong urge to dig into my psyche and my body to clear out any residue leftover form the long winter.

Back in February  as a family we began working with the earth in our garden, the girls played creatively in the yard while I took inventory of the budding plants and areas of the garden needing to be tended, I felt a deep sense of presence in the areas of my life and my health fitting into this inventory. I had not been moving enough, eating heavier foods and feeling a bit stuck in my writing and meditation practices. It was almost as if each of the plants that needed space cleared to thrive or dead matter cut back represented a part of my life I needed to do the same for in order for it to thrive.  Being outdoors in the crisp almost spring air brought relief and inspiration to us all with a playful sprit we decided to make some magic with our earth work.  On the February New moon we gathered bundles of all the dead matter and plants, marigold, calendula, chives, sage, rue, oregano, catnip, mullein, nettles and mugwort to name a few. In the company of dear friends we hadn’t seen through the long winter we shared a wonderful meal and from the plant bundles we each created special prayer bundles to carry our intentions and creativity into fruition.


The prayer bundles sat for over a month on our alter percolating and bringing many things to the surface, it was almost as if every obstacle that was a barrier to our dreams and abundance was being shown in plain light. Everyone in our household got a cold and  we pulled out all our resources to heal and clear our bodies as well as our home. We diffused the essential oils of On Guard and lemon often to clear the home space and scrubbed corners of the house with homemade essential oil cleaners that left our home lingering with the smell of fresh newness and our moods uplifted and bright. Spring cleaning was well underway clearing out clothes the girls have outgrown, old papers and dresser drawers. Spring is associated with the wood element and in Chinese Medicine and rules the liver and gall bladder. The energies associated with this element are about beginning expansion, movement and action. We were in full awareness in our household of what was blocking our movement and ability to get things going, from projects to our own emotions it was time to make space!! The Liver is known as “the free and easy wanderer” with our prayer bundles and introspection it was as if we put a magnifying glass over the liver and its attributes seeing clearly every block or stagnation in its qi as a metaphor for the blocks in our life. We started with our space to make room for movement, here is a simple recipe for homemade cleansers that are non toxic and use house hold resources

The spring Equinox last month gifted my family the space to finally burn our prayer bundles and have a ceremony to release the energy from the winter into rebirth. We ventured down to the magical San Luis Valley for a few days of renewal and invigorating practices of wellbeing. Just about an hour before the sun set on the day of the equinox in March  we arrived to our sacred space in the valley to light a ceremonial fire and burn the plant and prayer bundles we had constructed so many weeks before. My daughters gathered wood and kindling for the fire as I created a prayer space. Together we smudged our plants and bundles as well as our bodies and energy systems. My youngest three year smudged me and her sister as we sang and moved in rhythm around the fire dodging the smoke when possible. with each offering to the fire the flames soared higher in the sky and burst with our prayers. My oldest daughter watched the fire intently observing what she called ghosts walking out into the universe. Smoke smoldered heavy into the night clearing and carrying our pains, worries, and struggles away. The next morning as I rose just before the sun I felt new and more alive than I had in months, my morning qi gong practice felt more clear and deeper than it had in the past months. Maybe it was the crisp clean San Luis Air but something felt more alive in my heart. As the sun shone over the Sange De Cristo Mountain range, 3 deer fed on brush in the distance as the night sky disappeared and the sun blared above the mountain peaks illuminating and fading the colors of the sunrise. This reminded me how connected I was moving in relationship to the seasons, the newness and the sense of rebirth I felt though my whole body was the newness the earth, the plants, the animals were all feeling as well, it is these moments of universal connection that remind me I am fully alive living each moment with fullness no matter the expectations of the constructs society has oppressed upon me.

IMG_1770 (1)

The next few days we spent in the Hot Springs hiking and soaking, bathing in the waters of renewal feeling the energies of the top of  North America breathing in thin altitude rich air. Seasonal rituals help keep us connected as a family and connected to the earth rhythm that pulses in each one of us as well as our connection to community. We have been spending our afternoons in the garden planting, still cleaning and clearing out the the house and getting healing sessions to help us activate and create. Mornings with breath and qi gong listening to the birds rise are my spring medicine. Many things have been clearing away and coming to the surface as afar as old habits, patterns and am reminded to take each day one at a time. Anger has been a great resource to create movement! Vowing to not get caught in resentment or imploded anger I have been using my frustrations to move, create and change . With great change comes great strength and with great strength, integrity and dedication to building power is crucial. Building new muscles and new patterns takes times and action and is not always easy, the spring season is perfect for moving towards new action! In essence clear the old and make room for the new, move towards the newness methodically and with purpose!

What seeds will you plant this new moon and how has the turning of the season been effecting your body, mind and spirit?

What gives you purpose?

What areas of your life, home or body need cleaning and cleansing?

What do you want to create?

How will you take steps and actions towards your creations?



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