Fall Metal Element healing: Attachment and Non Attachment

Fall Metal Element healing: Attachment and Non Attachment

Tune in to the fall season of attachment and non attachment

Fall is one of the most potent times for healing! As the world contracts back into itself releasing and letting go in preparation for winter, we too move in this symbiotic flow. This season is ruled by the metal element and is all about the yin and yang activities of surrender and connection. On one hand we are invited to explore the yin aspects of our attachment and important relationship bonds that help us to maintaining integrity in our sense of self and support our growth. and on the other hand the energy is perfect for exploring the yang aspects of surrender where we release, forgive and let go of the old attachments or bonds to clear way for the new.

Check out this PowerPoint presentation on the metal element and manifesting psychological and physiological forces connected to metal.
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What old or limiting beliefs are you willing to release?

What does your body need to support elimination and letting go?


How can you empower yourself to tune in with the frequencies of fall to transform and move deeper into your unique truth?

Here are some practical ideas to help clear though your life and take note of what is serving and not serving your needs:

Go through your closet, desk, garage, medicine cabinet – any cluttered storage area-and discard what you no longer need.

Do a mental inventory: Examine attitudes (prejudices, envies, hatreds, jealousies, resentments) stored within your psyche.

For issues you cannot resolve directly with others, or for old issues with yourself, write them on paper, being as specific as possible. Then burn the paper, symbolically releasing the content.

Take time each day to breathe slowly and deeply. As you inhale the clean autumn air, feel yourself energized and purified. Feel the old negativity, impurity, and pain leave your body and psyche. Then contemplate briefly who you are without these identifications.

Fix A Joint Fridays, creating space and ease of movement in the joints.

Fix A Joint Fridays, creating space and ease of movement in the joints.

Joint function is crucial for the health of the body and the efficient relationship to gravity and moment patterns. Many times chronic pain patterns are a result of mal-positioned joints and repetitive movement stress. Restoring the joints capacity for full range of motion and expansion can immediately normalize muscle function and have a profound effect on chronic pain patterns.
Movement is the organizing principal in the field of gravity that supports a higher order function of being. To be fully mobile and available to engage in your full range of movement is a direct influencing factor on your experience of being. Each one of our cells responds to the electrical field of gravitational pull and organize themselves to this field, if our structure and form is not in harmony with gravity not only does it effect posture and movement; but dynamically influences the bio field of our cells and their ability to organize and recreate themselves. When we don’t have proper engagement with gravity our cells become confused and inflammation on many levels can arise from improper joint position and a lack of grounding in our overall energy field.
In Chinese medicine there is a popular phrase: “bu tong ze tong, tong ze bu tong.” This means IF THERE IS NO FREE FLOW, THERE IS PAIN; IF THERE IS FREE FLOW, THERE IS NO PAIN; because the function of the joints in the body are directly related to the movement of blood, lymph and nerve supply as well as physical movement when they are jammed pain arrises and the soft tissue or muscles participate in the disfunction becoming inflamed and contracted. By opening up the internal aspects of the joints and helping them to articulate or move normally Qi and blood become free and the body doesn’t have to waste energy on maintaining stagnation or contracted blocks in the muscle. When the body becomes free our efforts to move become less strenuous helping us to have more energy to direct towards growth.
Visionary thinker and cosmologist R. Buckmaster Fuller coined the term “Tensegrity” as an exploration of tensional integrity as it related to architecture and building. His concept of Tensegrity revolutionized the idea of compression forces being a standard and efficient mechanism for building. Tensional integrity embraces the principal the the continuity and integrity of a structure is based upon tensional elements and lines of force that equally distribute weight sustaining a structure in gravity. The Body is a tensional unit where the bones serve as spaces that maintain proper degrees of tension while the joints serve as the meeting point of articulation between these spaces. Most people think that our muscles are responsible for holding us up in space; and in reality of bad posture, injury and poor movement patterns, our muscles are actually doing alot of unnecessary work to hold us up because our tension lines ( joints and bones) are not in harmony. The muscles, skin and especially fascia and connective tissue provide tensional lines between the hard spacers known as the bones in out temple of construction. When aging, injury and posture sets in theses lines of tension break down creating compressing forces leading to pain and the need for much more energy to maintain the compression. Proper joint alignment is a crucial factor to supporting and organizing the bodies tensegrity model and vertical capacity for growth.posture-dysfunction-300x296

Join me for specially targeted regional joint manipulation and mobilization treatments to get your body open and pain free. Each month I will focus on a specific region of the body to support functional movement, soft tissue normalization and expanded breath and energetic capacity

Novemeber / December- NECK and Cranial joints

Fridays 9-12
Space limited
Appointments encouraged
walk-in on a first come first serve basis

1574 York Street
Garden 1
DEnver Co 80206

Frost Moon Fall Group Healing Tele-Call

Frost Moon Fall Group Healing Tele-Call

Saturday November 8, 2014

Fall is one of the most potent times for healing! As the world contracts back into itself releasing and letting go in preparation for winter, we too move in this symbiotic flow.

  What old or limiting beliefs are you willing to release?

What does your body need to support elimination and letting go?

How can you empower yourself to tune in with the frequencies of fall to transform and move deeper into your unique truth?


Join us for this group healing Tele Call and learn the basics of fall health from a Classical Chinese Medicine perspective. Explore lifestyle and dietary modifications to support your body, and delve into emotional health through movement and breath work.

Group healing sessions magnify the energies of the collective helping us to hold energetic space to delve deeply into transformation in a powerfully supported way. This call can be accessed from your home or area of comfort. If you can not make the call time your presence will be included in the live balancing and you will still receive all the benefits!!


Saturday NOVEMBER 8th Full Frost Moon

7 pm


Join us for transformation by following this link to complete your registration!

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*local participants can attend the live call at Awaken Healing Center

How much?

How much?

The Balance of Intake and Output,  Stillness and Movement, Receiving and Offering.


It is easy in this society to be confused about the question, “how much?” Especially because of mass media and marketing, we are consistently bombarded with the inclination to buy more, spend more, eat more, do more! We live in an extreme society where everything is always getting bigger and better and more something for the consumer is in order. This society also views symptoms of dis-ease as something to fix by adding something else to the picture, like, a pill.  Often times, in excess conditions like anxiety, obesity, nausea, the treatment follows this grain of adding something to relieve symptoms. Really, often what conditions need, particularly in this society, is to take something away, like spicy foods, or alcohol, of extended sit time. Even so, because we come from such an extrememist society, when we know that what is needed is less, as opposed to more, we go to the other extreme and take everything away! This can also lead to physical, emotional, and mental problems.  We need to find the balance, for our own unique constitution, of what actually does make us feel better. Sure, many different doctors and programs have guidlines on what you should do or not do for better health, but really, you are the only one who knows.

How do you feel? What have you experienced that actually does help your pain, nervousness, anxiety, depression, or what have you?  None of us know what is going on inside of your body; you do.  The Revitalize and Rejuvenation program is a tool for you to LEARN YOURSELF AND YOUR NEEDS. Taking into account the trusted subtleties and tried tools we are offering from our experience, and the science that, indeed, is in line with our own experience of wellness, still, ask yourself, what do I need? How much? For how long?This process is about tuning into YOU and your needs.  This process is about aligning you to your own body’s- trust your intuition, ask questions, ask for what you need, and then, lovingly, give it. You ARE your own best doctor!

Lemon Water Morning Ritual

Lemon Water Morning Ritual

Starting your day with a glass of warm water with lemon is a great way to support the cleansing process of the body and activate your organs. According to ayurvedic tradition the routines you create will either build up resistance to disease or tear it down. Having a morning routine in your dietary intake can help support finding the body’s natural rhythms and build discipline. To practice this simple ritual take the juice of ½ FRESH lemon squeezed into a cup and pour warm clean water over…Simple right? Check out the amazing benefits below.


Cleansing your system:

Helps to flush out unwanted waste as a diuretic so that toxins can be released faster and more efficiently. Citric acid also helps support optimal enzyme function which, in turn, supports the liver and aids in digestion.

Aids Digestion:

The makeup of warm lemon water is similar to saliva and the hydrochloric acids of digestive juices and it encourages the liver to secrete bile, supporting digestion. Lemons help loosen toxins in the digestive tract and are also high in minerals and vitamins. Warm lemon water stimulates bowel movements, and can relieve indigestion, heartburn and bloating.

Balances pH levels of the body:

Lemons are one of the most alkalizing foods in the body because the way citric acid is metabolized.  Lemons contain both citric acid and ascorbic acid which actually help alkalize the blood. Disease needs acidic environments to survive; drinking lemon water regularly can enhance the body’s overall alkalinity, improving health and reducing inflammation.

Boosts the Immune System:

Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is great for fighting colds.  They’re high in potassium, which stimulates brain and nerve function. Potassium also helps control blood pressure. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) found in lemons demonstrates anti-inflammatory effects, and is used as complementary support for asthma and other respiratory symptoms plus, it enhances iron absorption in the body; iron plays an important role in immune function. Lemons also contain saponins, which show antimicrobial properties that may help keep cold and flu at bay. Lemons also reduce the amount of phlegm produced by the body.

Supports and enhances mood:

The smell of lemon is uplifting and has a direct enhancement on brain by supporting clear thought and focus. It helps with anxiety and depression by brightening your mood. Lemon also contains negative ions that enhance energy when ingested.

Aids in weight loss:

Lemon is part of a more alkaline diet and studies show that people who have this type of diet lose weight more quickly, it is also high in pectin fibers which are know to fight cravings and hunger attacks.

Supports the lymph:

Lemon water can help support and replace fluids lost by the body combating the negative effects of dehydration.

Clears the Skin:

Vitamin C is essential to a healthy complexion and the alkalinity of lemon can help kill off bacteria that creates acne.  Antioxidants support reduction and prevention of wrinkles and blemishes and fights free radical damage. Because lemon supports detoxification internally and your skin is a reflection of your internal environment it also help to clear any imperfections that result from your body’s toxicity.

Promotes Healing:

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), found in abundance in lemons, promotes wound healing, and is an essential nutrient in the maintenance of healthy bones, connective tissue, and cartilage. As noted previously, vitamin C also displays anti-inflammatory properties. Combined, vitamin C is an essential nutrient in the maintenance of good health and recovery from stress and injury.



Amaranth: The crop of the Future?

Amaranth: The crop of the Future?


This large leaf bushy plant grows to heights of 6 feet and produces bright vibrant flowers containing thousands of tiny seeds that can be milled into flour and eaten like a grain. This nutritional powerhouse contains over 30% more protein than rice, sorghum and rye and is completely gluten free. Amaranth is also has high levels of potassium, magnesium, calcium and is a great source of fiber. The plant contains many beneficial amino acids and is specifically high in lysine as well as beneficial omega-3s.

The Aztecs cultivated this plant as a staple crop and also used the seeds in  ritual ceremony. During the invasion by the Spanish conquistadores, because of the religious use of the seeds they were seized, burned and cultivators of this plant were punished. This forced people to replace amaranth as a staple food with more corn, which has a higher toll on agriculture production and soil health. There is a strong movement in research and study in Mexico geared towards revitalizing this crop back into the countries main staple crops. In 1977 Science magazine called amaranth “the crop of the future” because of its hardiness and abundant nutritional profile.

In our home we enjoy cereal made from amaranth as a warm breakfast with added seeds, nuts, fruit and even puréed squash mixed in. Here are two recipes I have come up with my children love!

Cook amaranth by brining

1 c amaranth rinsed

3 c water

To a boil then reducing heat and covering letting simmer for 30-40 minutes  stirring occasionally adding more water if needed.


Stir in 1c pureed acorn, butternut or delecata squash

Add in 2-3 chopped dates

Add ½ cup almond, or coconut milk

Simmer for 10 minutes stirring often

Serve with your choice of nuts


Stir in one small can of coconut milk

1-2 tbs raw honey

1 tsp cinnamon

Serve each bowl with 2 tsb of raw hemp seeds, half of a sliced banana and a dash of cinnamon on top






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