Nepal Global Health Mission 2017

Check out this short video recap of our 2017 Nepal global Health Mission. We served over 1800 individuals with integrative hands on helming, herbal remedies and health education!!

Tree Pose: An Act in Balancing

Everything is a balancing act.  In yoga we like to say, balance is dynamic. This means that balance is always moving. You ever notice how sometimes you are completely focused and “on your game,” and then one little thing will happen that sends your world sprawling into what seems like total Chaos? This is the balance of life.  When the storms come, it allows for the roots of the tree to grow deeper, stronger. After the storm, everything can be brighter, more vibrant, and full of life and hope- NO! you are NOT defeated.  You have lived to serve another day, with more to give and watered ready to shine another  day. Today our embodiment experience is to practice tree pose. This is an exercise in dynamic balance: falling, shaking, moving, dancing, are all allowed, while balancing, mostly, on one foot. During this exercise, it is helpful to find a drishti, or focus point, upon which to fix your gaze. This is a metaphor for life- when the wind begins to blow, stay focused on where you want to go!

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