Emotions: Group Education & Emotional Healing

Join together for this six week energy healing and education series designed to empower you to master your emotional healing. This series will teach about how to define and understand out emotions in a holistic nature and deepen our understanding of the qualities of emotions and their impact on our body.

Learn about how emotions influence:

  • Nervous system
  • Tissues
  • Organs and Muscles
  • Perception
  • Natural and pathological states of health
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What can I expect for this series?


Each week you will have the opportunity to tune into a live online lecture on 5 basic emotions and their effects on the body, beliefs and health states. Theses weekly lectures will cover philosophical and biological understanding of emotional intelligence and how you can immediately apply the information to your life and your emotional health. Live lectures will be recorded and sent to you immediately for you access and later use, or if you can’t join us live.


Following the live lecture together as a group from the comfort of your own home or access point we will participate together in a emotional clearing and embodiment process. This process will set the container for a group healing using BodyTalk and Energy medicine to facilitate a unique healing tailored to the participants of the group. You will also be emailed a separate recording of this healing and embodiment process for later access or if you can not join us live. If you can not be live with us your intentions and energetic presence will be included in the balancing.

Social Support

Once registered for the series you will be invited to a closed social forum to share and connect about the context of the healing series. This forum will be a weekly access point for adjective resources and reading, practical tools and of course processing.

Emotions Group Healing Schedule

Mondays Noon MST August 21-Septmber 22

All sessions recorded for later access if you can not join live

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Week One

Thinking & Worry

August 21st 2017

12:00 Noon MST


Week 2

Greif and Letting Go

August 28th 2017

12:00 Noon MST

Week 3

Fear & Contraction

September 4th 2017

12:00 Noon MST

Week 4

Anger & Actions

September 11th 2017

12:00 Noon MST

Week 5

Joy & Empathy

September 15th 2017

12:00 Noon MST

Week Six


September 22, 2017

12:00 Noon MST

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