What is Body Talk?

Using gentle tapping and breathing techniques, the BodyTalk process involves reconnecting areas of your body that have lost communication due to stress, injury or trauma. Consciousness-based BodyTalk works at the root of your individual health needs and embraces the progression of your healing journey as it is shaped by your experiences, readiness and priorities. Because BodyTalk is so individualized and focused on the present moment, it eliminates the need for long-term diagnoses and disease labels.

Why do I need it?

Your body is always working toward balance, yet stress and other environmental factors often make it difficult to heal and balance efficiently.

Some of the factors that contribute to imbalance include:

  • Inhibition of optimal immune function, due to pathogens, allergens, viruses or harmful bacteria
  • Energetic blocks to the meridians or chakra system
  • External stress factors from the environment and interpersonal relationships
  • Physical restrictions, such as distortions in the posture, organs or body parts
  • Scar tissue or lingering trauma from old injuries and/or surgery
  • Mental attitudes and belief systems that cause emotional stress

When the Body becomes overwhelmed by stressors it goes into to overload and begins to operate inefficiently. Left unaddressed, these imbalances lead to lower quality of life and a variety of health issues, such as anxiety, digestive problems, muscle tension and general malaise.

How does it work?

BodyTalk practitioners work in subtle communication with your own innate wisdom, listening to what areas need to be connected to restore balance, while providing verbal education as to how you can engage in your own healing process.

As you become more aware of the area(s) that need healing, your body naturally allocates more resources to those areas though enhanced nervous system awareness. Once in healing mode, your body will naturally reset itself and achieve balance.

Clinical results show that energy medicine supports the nervous system by addressing the areas of the body that have lost communication. By supporting the reintegration of proper nervous system feedback loops, the body naturally makes more resources—oxygen, blood, nutrients, nerve supply—available and becomes capable of healing on all levels.

BodyTalk is a self-empowered process that effectively and efficiently supports optimal health by addressing the root layers of disease.

When can I expect results? 

BodyTalk is safe, simple and effective; we see lasting results quickly. BodyTalk works to stimulate your bodies own innate healing process by focusing on areas that are ready to reconnect and be in balance. People immediately tend to feel relaxation, lighter, reduced pain and more in present their bodies.

BodyTalk treatments generally take anywhere between 1-3 days to cycle through the body after the session time and process over a period of weeks or even months. Because BodyTalk engages the bodies natural ability to heal the sessions work along with your bodies own physiological processes.

We initially recommend 3-5 sessions over a period of 1-2 months to give the bodymind and nervous system time to stabilize and address your healing needs.

How long does it take?

We can work with you both in-person or from a distance, individual treatments include:

  • Intake and discussion of goals for healing
  • 30-40 minutes of energy healing and education around maintaining and involving yourself in the healing process

What will I need to do?

We ask that you wear loose comfortable clothing for your session and allocate an hour for your appointment time.

BodyTalk sessions are done fully clothed on a massage table, laying on your back. You can expect to feel deeply relaxed and many people fall asleep during a session. Following your BodyTalk Session you may have more energy or feel a bit tired for the 1-3 days following your session depending on your bodies healing process. You can immediately return to your normal routine following a BodyTalk session.

Elzabieta may offer individualized lifestyle education to implement as your session processes and advise you to consider a good nights sleep, balanced diet and adequate water intake in the days before and after your session. There may also be adjunct modalities suggested including, bodywork, essential oils and movement education as part of your treatment protocol.

Who should use BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is perfect for anyone interested in optimizing their bodies function, healing at root levels and understanding the unique picture of their bodies function. This work is designed to empower individuals to be the source of their own healing and give them the tools to commit to a healthy and happy life.

Is BodyTalk Safe for Children and the Elderly?

BodyTalk is completely non-invasive and safe for anyone, because of the gentle and subtle nature of this work children and the elderly LOVE BodyTalk sessions!

Find out how BodyTalk can support your healthcare needs!


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