Elzabieta Kosmicki CBP BAT LMT  has been practicing integrative health for the last decade and has a background in education and community health systems, she is a certified BodyTalk Practitioner and BodyTalk ACCESS instructor. Elzabieta has advanced training and clinical experience in BodyTalk, structural integration, energy medicine, and massage therapy as well as Doula and women’s care and holistic Addiction counseling.  Elzabieta has extensive background in serving at risk populations and has been the health and wellness coordinator for Sisters Of Color United for Education since 2007 implementing health clinics serving over 1,000 individuals and their families with natural and holistic therapies. Through her work at Sisters Of Color Elzabieta has gained a deep understanding of chronic disease patterns as they relate to mental, spiritual and emotional discordance in the body  She works with clients individual constitution and balance coupled with environmental dynamics to address overall health and wellbeing. Elzabieta is an international speaker and enjoys educating the public on BodyTalk, Community Health Systems and Energy Medicine. Personally she enjoys maintaining a Qi gong and meditation practice and is an avid gardener and master composter. Elzabieta also hosts a weekly news a public affairs show focusing health and wellness on KGNU FM Boulder/Denver and is a mother of two daughters. 


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