“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

-Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, 1937 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine

What is Distance Healing?

Distance healing, engages and  stimulates you bodies ability to heal and balance itself. Healing and balance occur through communication between the consciousness or focus of the practitioner and their client on a subtle level . which is shared though the interconnected unified filed or “universal energy”

The information the client receives provides a framework for their consciousness to begin the healing process by stimulating the body to allocate resources and energy to the areas ready to heal and support the overall processing mechanisms of the body. Practitioners uses deep awareness to listen to the inner wisdom of your body and work to facilitate change thought your bio field utilizing various balancing techniques. Elzabieta specifically pulls from a diverse knowledge base and experience in working with the human bio field as it related to health and the functional mechanics of the body and traditional healing modalities.

The Human Biofield

The Biofield has been shown to have an influence on functional aspects of the body as well as developmental roles including:

  • Homeodynamics
  • Nerophysiology
  • Biological development
  • Consciousness

Cultural Medicine & Multi Dimensional Healing

Group Healing Series

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New Paradigms

Ancient healing traditions have know about the function of the Human Biofield and its relationship to biological, emotional and physical health and wellbeing for thousands of years. With a deep synergy of connection between the scientific and philosophical aspects of The Human Biofield along with the wisdom of this ancient knowledge we are in a time in history where distance healing and Biofield healing is at the cutting edge of healthcare.

Healing through the Biofield allows practitioners to access a broad spectrum of information dynamics that reveal themselves as stories written thought life experience, habits, patterns and neurological functioning. These stories and patterns maintain the underpinnings of our functional constitution and the intelligence of our body systems.

The Human Biofield defined: 

Living systems are complex, nonlinear, dynamical, self-organizing systems of ionic, molecular, intracellular, cellular, and extracellular components, structures, patterns, and processes in continual interaction and transmutation through the mediating effects of energy fields imbued with information. The living system continually exchanges mass, momentum, and energy-with-information within and across multiple levels of organization to heal, maintain, or—in the case of humans.

Beverly Rubik, PhD

Founder , Institute for Frontier Science (IFS)

Benefits Of Distance Healing

  • Connect to guided embodiment, and behavioral health elements deep within your mind body and soul
  • Heal your inner and outer terrain though awareness and lifestyle practices
  • Become your own best doctor by engendering presence and flow thought your system
  • Increase relaxation and resilience
  • Manage stress related disorders in the mind and body

During an extremely stressful time last year, I asked Elza to help with my mother’s  very  serious health situation.  She was having emergency surgery and the doctors were not sure she would survive, or if she did, be able to recover . During the surgery, Elza  was able to do a distance session  which resulted in my mother’s recovery, against all odds.  I believe she is  an extremely skilled distance session practitioner and I do not hesitate to call upon her when  my family needs treatment.

Janet Galipo

Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Senior BodyTalk Instructor , 2 Be Healthy

Elzabieta has been involved in consciousness based healthcare for more that half her life; therapeutically she pulls from a rich skill set including advanced energy healing, somatic body based therapies and cultural medicine. Specializing in group and individualized healing facilitation her approach engages individuals to participate and awaken their  bodies innate growth and balance though resilience based tools and lifestyle practices.


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What can I expect?

Distance healing sessions are booked for 45 minutes and include:

  • 10 minute intake call

  • Energy balancing

  • Digital recording of session


What to I need to do?

Book a time when you have space to be in a quite reflective or meditative space of receiving; some people prefer to lay down and comfortably receive their session. At the time of your session Elzabieta will work with your energy system and will make a voice recording of the balancing that is addressed in your session. At the end of your session you will receive a text alert when your healing has been completed and your recording will be immediately emailed for you to listen and continue processing your session. Following your distance healing session we will schedule a 10-15 minute follow up phone call to answer any questions you may have and offer lifestyle suggestions to support the healing work you  have received.

Cultural Medicine & Multi Dimensional Healing

The power of our 3 brains collective evolution

Group Healing Series

Emotions: Late Summer 2017

August 21st – September 25th

Intelligence: Fall 2017

October 9th – November 6th

Survival: Winter 2018

January 1st – February 5th 2018

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