The Balance of Intake and Output,  Stillness and Movement, Receiving and Offering.


It is easy in this society to be confused about the question, “how much?” Especially because of mass media and marketing, we are consistently bombarded with the inclination to buy more, spend more, eat more, do more! We live in an extreme society where everything is always getting bigger and better and more something for the consumer is in order. This society also views symptoms of dis-ease as something to fix by adding something else to the picture, like, a pill.  Often times, in excess conditions like anxiety, obesity, nausea, the treatment follows this grain of adding something to relieve symptoms. Really, often what conditions need, particularly in this society, is to take something away, like spicy foods, or alcohol, of extended sit time. Even so, because we come from such an extrememist society, when we know that what is needed is less, as opposed to more, we go to the other extreme and take everything away! This can also lead to physical, emotional, and mental problems.  We need to find the balance, for our own unique constitution, of what actually does make us feel better. Sure, many different doctors and programs have guidlines on what you should do or not do for better health, but really, you are the only one who knows.

How do you feel? What have you experienced that actually does help your pain, nervousness, anxiety, depression, or what have you?  None of us know what is going on inside of your body; you do.  The Revitalize and Rejuvenation program is a tool for you to LEARN YOURSELF AND YOUR NEEDS. Taking into account the trusted subtleties and tried tools we are offering from our experience, and the science that, indeed, is in line with our own experience of wellness, still, ask yourself, what do I need? How much? For how long?This process is about tuning into YOU and your needs.  This process is about aligning you to your own body’s- trust your intuition, ask questions, ask for what you need, and then, lovingly, give it. You ARE your own best doctor!

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