Aching.  Many of you expressed that in the first 2 weeks of the program, you experienced some “aching.” In your cases, the aching was a physical symptom. This was surprising, causing our team to take a deep and calculating look at the ingredients that are in the supplements we have provided you for the cleanse.  Many of them are draining herbs; this is an apt action that clearly is in accordance with what we want to accomplish in a cleanse: drain away toxicity that has accumulated within the body. Still, for some, too much draining can lead to a deficiency within the body, which can cause the side effect of achiness.  But there are also some other things to think about that may not be entirely physiological.  According to there are three definitions of Ache:


1. To have or suffer a continuous dull pain.

2. To feel great sympathy, pity, or the like.

3. To feel eager, yearn, long.


Upon reading these definitions, my consciousness resonated with all them.  Here we are, together, doing something that is challenging. Within our connected experience, I believe we all have elements of these three definitions, all manifesting simultaneously.  Some of us, indeed, are experiencing suffering from a continuous dull pain, maybe in our muscles or joints or both. Some of us are sympathizing with all of the others in this program, causing us an intensified connection that could be correlated with aching, much in the way we desire to commune with other beings when we feel a strong emotion. And, finally, we are all on this 28 Day New You as a means to a desired goal, whether that be to have more energy, less pain, more connection to self, or overall, general well-being. We are indeed aching, in that we feel eager, yearn, and long for this desired outcome.

During this time, please, offer yourself what you need, within the realm of your chosen well-being. Touch yourself lovingly, quelling the longing, bringing energy of movement and tonification to relieve the dull pain in your muscles. Use the interfaces we have provided for you to connect with one another, sharing your experiences, to hold space for the sympathy you are called to feel. Fill your time with activities that serve you- your stretching and breathing, reflecting, journaling and nourishing- that will take the place of the eagerness, yearning and longing, by keeping you happily and thoughtfully engaged in the moment.  Above all, be compassionate with yourself. This is a process. I believe some aching is in order. Support yourself, and your compatriots, by taking the time to be with yourself. Always remember, the mind is a powerful tool; it is a cruel master, and an obedient slave. You have the power to change your experience, and your aching can be a tool for growth as much a hindrance to your comfort. Choose accordingly. We support you!

Here is a quick experience to shake you right into this week and normalize your entire nervous system!!

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