How often do you just stop to look around, feel around, observe and ‘take it all in?”  So much of the time we are consumed by our “what’s next.” We walk around, from place to place, thinking about our next appointment, our laundry, our work and school assignments, our emails, our facebook posts and their likes, always looking to the next. But what about the now?  Is the sun shining beautifully above you? Is there a curious newborn baby trying to make eye-contact with you? Do you hear wind chimes, or birds chirping, or people laughing, or your favorite middles school song in the background? Would you even notice if you did? Much less, take a moment out of your thought cycles to sing a line from it or strike your favorite pose that makes you joyful?  Can you find joy in ordinary moments? Can you find gratitude in every moment?

Right now, as spring is springing, at every turn there is some new form of life coming into fruition. Whether it is flowers blooming, people coming out, happily, to play with their dogs and friends and family in the park, little greens growing with edible and medicinal capabilities, thunderstorms or raindrops falling, there is so much in this stunning world to take in, and appreciate. Respecting, receiving and relishing in the beauty of the world around you, in the present moment, fosters a sense of peace, which is a foundational attribute of whole-istic health. At any moment, when the thought crosses your mind, just stop, take a deep breath, notice and observe the present world around you, and take a moment to be grateful. It’s good for your health.

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